Nashville, TN – On Jan. 23, XMI, a leading provider of outsourced human resources and accounting services, launched the XMI Ideal Life, an internal program designed to support holistic employee wellness.

The XMI Ideal Life program is designed to encourage all XMI team members to improve health across four quadrants: mental, physical, financial and career.

“We have an obligation to help our team live their best lives,” said Chad Parodi, CEO of XMI. “I am thrilled to offer this program, and in some way, assist each team member to live a life full of gratitude, well-being and fulfillment.”

This holistic program began with a visioning workshop for participants to consider each facet of wellness, find areas for improvement and set goals. Booth Andrews, a well-known leadership coach and host of the podcast “Freedom From Empty,” delivered the keynote address. Booth shared her personal journey from success to unraveling to build the case for the importance of pursuing a balanced life. More than 95% of attendees agreed that the kick-off workshop was effective.

“We designed the content to push participants to reflect and identify their deepest concerns and richest growth opportunities, set stretch goals with actionable components, and create a list of next steps for immediate action,” Parodi said. “Already we’ve heard from some of our employees that they appreciate the company’s investment in their whole person, not just who they are as employees.”

A survey recently published by HR Dive reports that 70% of Gen Xers want employees to play an active role in their health by doing more to support holistic health. And nearly all respondents believe employers should be responsible for helping employees manage stress. The survey emphasized that participation is tied directly to the relevancy of the wellness content offered by employers.

XMI will provide ongoing programming to support physical, mental, financial, and career health via guest speakers, online learning, special events, challenges and contests. “Our team loves to compete for prizes,” Parodi said. “We know that contests are motivating and bring the team together.”

As experts in the employee benefits arena, XMI leadership realizes there is more to delivering wellness than simply offering competitive benefits. The XMI team uses the same technology provided to XMI clients—apps to support financial planning, measure wellness and enable immediate access to mental health services.

Regular personal accountability workshops will create time and space for each team member to reflect and measure progress, recommit to stated goals and celebrate successes. Parodi emphasized the evergreen nature of the program. “The XMI Ideal Life is a platform and a process, not an event. This will span the life of the organization, who we are and who we will become.”

About XMI:

XMI, based in Nashville, TN, has a 20-year history of providing Human Resources and Accounting services. XMI serves clients in multiple industries with client employees located throughout the United States.

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