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Finding and keeping the best employees is crucial for business success. But for companies focused on high growth, dedicating the resources to do this effectively can be challenging.

That’s where XMI comes in.

No matter your size, XMI offers the critical advantage of a complete, multifaceted human resources department. Whether you’re looking for the buying power and multitude of benefits that come with co-employment via a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) arrangement or simply an HRO partner, our staff of compliance experts will become an extension of your company, working alongside you to support your team and their needs—now and as you grow.


You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied.

– Jerry Fritz

When you partner with XMI, you’re free to focus on the most important aspects of your business, like growing revenue, developing products and services, and engaging your team.

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Human Resource Management

Managing and enhancing your employees’ work experience – because that’s why you chose a PEO or HRO partner


Payroll Administration & Tax Compliance

No matter your size, XMI’s team of experienced HR professionals can handle the specifics of your complex payroll process—all to the highest standards of accuracy. Our cloud-based HRIS gives you easy access to the information you need, while helping ensure your payroll is processed correctly every time.

Employee Benefits

From design to administration, XMI is your partner for delivering attractive yet cost-effective benefits to your workers and their families. We specialize in group health plans, 401(k)s, workers’ compensation and supplemental benefits.

HR Hotline

Have an HR question? Our online and on-call HR help desk provides personal, professional and rapid responses to all your HR questions—no matter how big or small.

Talent Management

Finding and keeping the best people for your business


Recruitment and Onboarding

Whether you’re making your first hire or your 100th, XMI helps you find and evaluate qualified candidates. We also help bring new hires up to speed quickly with a streamlined, yet comprehensive onboarding process.

Culture and Leadership Development

Keeping employees engaged is one of the best ways to retain them. XMI’s experienced team and hand-picked resources can help you cultivate a strong culture, boost employees’ skills and engage an increasingly multigenerational workforce.

Employee Relations

When situations turn sticky (and they do sometimes), lean on XMI’s expertise to guide you and your employees to the best possible outcome. XMI provides consultation, facilitation and resolution strategies for a variety of workplace issues.

Human Resources Compliance

As your PEO or HRO partner, XMI keeps you up-to-date on the latest requirements to keep employers in line with the law, from payroll tax compliance to following employment laws


Policies and Procedures

Help keep your workers safe and on task with up-to- date policies and procedures, including employee handbooks and training requirements.

Regulatory Requirements

From payroll tax compliance to following employment laws, XMI keeps you up-to- date on the latest requirements to keep employers in line with the law.

Online Training

No matter your industry, XMI offers an impressive library of online continuing education and training programs to help you maintain certifications and stay in compliance.

Being a NAPEO Member

NAPEO’s White Paper series aims to help the general public and small business owners better understand the economic impact and value of the PEO industry and the ways working with a PEO can help businesses grow and thrive. More details available here.

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