Amplify Your Funding

Setting The Terms for Investment

Have you worn out the welcome in a home garage and need seed money to become an official business? Has your new product received solid market penetration but you need funding for significant growth? Perhaps you’re ready to retire and there is no family to inherit the business? Regardless of your position, XMI is here to help.

Investment Strategy

Capital is available from multiple sources. One source is the XMI High Growth Development Fund, a recipient of the TNInvestco program pursuant to the State of Tennessee “Tennessee Small Business Investment Company Credit Act,” passed in 2009. Other sources may include private investors, venture capital partnerships and banking institutions.

XMI’s collaborates with our clients to evaluate, understand and vet the long-term business strategy and then set appropriate funding goals. But XMI’s support doesn’t stop with the dollar – we support our investment clients with a business process management platform to ensure their success.

XMI welcomes inquiries from companies seeks investment and a scalable platform for growth.


We collaborate with our portfolio companies to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Portfolio companies are not constrained by size, geography or industry. We want a partner with a viable strategy and dynamic culture. Our clients are in sectors ranging from healthcare to technology to transportation to purchasing.

See below for a few details on our portfolio.

What’s in a recipe for capital success?



With more than 50 years of combined experience in asset and portfolio management as well as M&A transactions, we know a thing or two about how to manage money.


It is and should be about more than the money. To put money to its best use, we create a CEO forum to allow our leaders to learn from each other and share the challenges, risks and rewards that only you understand.


In collaboration with the forum, we add XMI’s strategic direction, financial proficiency and industry connections.


This seems obvious, right? But the number may not be as obvious as you think. We’ll help you determine what’s best for long-term success.


XMI extends to all portfolio companies its business process management platform to further ensure priorities are aligned for growth.

A banner year for VC funding

In recent years, investors have been drawn to the asset class as a result of historically low interest rates, a search for return, and growing interest in high-profile, not-yet-public companies such as Uber and Airbnb.  Last year (2016) was no exception.  Even with a slower deal pace and declining valuations, capital sources remained abundant in 2016 – VC funds raised more capital than in any year since 2000, driven by later stage funds, although capital remained concentrated in relatively few firms. 

– TruBridge Capital Partners (Spring 2017)
State of the Venture Capital Market report

Investment Strategy

Amplify Your Potential with Capital
Are you looking for a savvy investment partner? Then XMI is looking for you. We seek ambitious companies that could benefit from an infusion of capital bolstered by our comprehensive growth platform. We are not passive investors. We actively assist our portfolio companies to achieve their ambitions, faster.

We seek partnerships with businesses with the following characteristics:

XMI makes growth capital investments starting at $250,000. We also purchase controlling interests in businesses up to $10 million.
Deal Structure

XMI structures growth equity investments in post-revenue businesses. We create liquidity events for seasoned businesses that have plenty of road to run. {Graphic with a road ahead] Investments are often creative to provide the greatest flexibility for all parties no matter what the security type:

  • Seed and Start-Up Capital
  • Growth Equity Financing
  • Partnerships with Other Strategic or Financial Buyers
  • Control-oriented management buyouts
  • Minority Equity or Convertible Debt Investments
  • Ownership Restructuring and Recapitalizations
Industry & Company Characteristics

XMI is interested in investment opportunities in the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Advanced Energy
  • Automotive
  • Governmental Services
  • Manufacturing/Distribution
  • Business Services
  • SAAS Technology

XHG is committed to providing capital and resources to qualified businesses including minority-owned businesses and woman-owned businesses.

Want more information about XMI investments and its portfolio companies? Contact 615-248-9255 or connect online.

Portfolio Companies

Amplify Your Success

Want to become part of our high-growth portfolio? XMI’s portfolio companies use our investment and business services infrastructure to fuel their innovation and success. 

XMI provided capital to the following companies:

AudiencePoint is the recognized leader in Send Time Optimization (STO)

ProviderTrust is a leading healthcare risk mitigation and technology services firm based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gray Line of Tennessee is the premier transportation company in the Southeast.

Simbiote Development was formed in 2003 and evolved from the IT staff of Olive Branch Family Medical Center located in Olive Branch, Mississippi. The company has been involved with development, implementation and maintenance of the NextGen® EHR systems since 2001.

Stratasan provides advanced analytics on healthcare and additional data sets via Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Treatspace develops secure social software designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers, medical practices, and hospitals.

US BIOLOGIC has developed an innovative product that prevents the transmission of Lyme Disease.

Interested in Capital For Your Business?