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How to Prepare Your Books for M&A

Making an exit? Not so fast. Having reliable financial information and realistic forecasts can make or break a deal—and you can only have those things by following these 5 steps.

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The Entrepreneur’s Seesaw: Balancing Business and Family

By Jim Phillips, XMI chief executive officer Plenty of stories have been written on entrepreneurs who have given up everything to make their businesses successful. They built it, lived in the spotlight, earned the admiration and won the awards. But at what expense?...

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Must-Have Tech for Busy Meeting Planners

A recent survey by Quickmobile found that 71% of meeting planners use four or more technologies when planning an event. That begs the question, what did meeting planners do before smartphones and tablets? Luckily for today’s meeting planners, there’s now a bevy of...

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Why You Should Care About Your Employees’ W-4 Withholdings

Thanks to Uncle Sam and a newly enacted tax law, about 90 percent of U.S. workers can expect a bump in their take-home pay this year. Employers were required to start using new Federal Tax Withholding Tables to calculate withholding amounts in paychecks on Feb. 15,...

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Two-Factor Authentication: What You Need to Know

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, adds a layer of protection to the account verification process. It requires users to prove themselves in two different ways before gaining access to their account. The security protocol comes standard with Google products and...

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Health Insurance Rate Hike? Here’s How To Respond.

New year, new rate increases for small group health insurance. What’s new, right? For years now, small businesses have seen their health insurance premiums skyrocket. And 2018 is no different. At XMI, we’ve seen our clients’ rates increase anywhere from 8 to 28...

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5 Signs Your Business Is Outgrowing Quickbooks

A 2017 survey by Viewpost, a provider of B2B electronic invoicing, found that the vast majority of small and mid-size businesses use Quickbooks for their accounting software. And there’s definitely a good reason for that: Quickbooks is easy to use, it’s inexpensive,...

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