Sharon Brindle

Sharon Brindle

Accounting Associate

I have been working in the accounting field for over 30 years for companies such as The National Enquirer, Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, Park Health Management, New Life Lodge, National Business Management and XMI Holdings.

I have been fortunate to advance my accounting and software skills not only through education but also working with a wide range of professionals over the years. My main responsibilities include on boarding new clients, handling data conversions and integrations, filing state tax returns as well as producing financial statements.

Here at XMI Acquisition we are highly trained to handle multiple demands, manage deadlines and prioritize time-sensitive responsibilities. Our team’s greatest strengths are creativity, drive and leadership. We thrive on challenges particularly those that expand the clients reach.

On my personal side, my greatest love in life is my Lord and Savior and He has blessed me with more than I deserved. I serve on a worship team in Hendersonville and am on the HOA Board. I have three beautiful, smart and loving daughters that I cherish and three grandchildren that stole my heart. Although my life started in Florida my roots are actually here in Tennessee where I plan to stay.

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