Mike Logsdon

Mike Logsdon

Benefits Eligibility Specialist

I began my career in benefits administration in my home town of Orlando, FL. I administered everything from health insurance and COBRA benefits to 401(K) and pension at a large benefit administration company. I also worked for a third-party administration company in Franklin, TN where I administered COBRA benefits for small groups. My next opportunity allowed me to expand again into health and welfare benefits, reimbursement accounts, and 401K as well as work with a broader range of middle TN companies. At XMI I will support our Account Managers in a variety of ways by maintaining and reconciling benefit records, processing enrollments and benefits changes, and managing eligibility with our benefit carriers.

Before my first big step into the benefits industry, I attended college at the University of Central Florida where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Living in Orlando, I had the opportunity to work at some unique places, including a fun-filled museum flipped completely upside-down and the Daily Bugle, otherwise known as Spider-Man’s favorite newspaper publisher! After graduating, I decided it was time for something a bit more grounded, which is how I found benefits.

While we don’t have any children, my wife and I enjoy spending time with our dog and 2 cats. And while that combination of pets can certainly make things interesting around the house, we also enjoy visiting all of the amazing restaurants and venues in Nashville. On the weekends, you are likely to find us at our favorite neighborhood brewery, at the movies, or letting our pup tire herself out at the dog park.

You can email Mike at mlogsdon@xmigrwoth.com.

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