Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson

Director of Human Resources

I know this sounds cliché’, but I have always loved working in HR. During my tenure at a stock brokerage firm, not in a HR role, I remember thinking that I wanted the HR Manager’s job. At the time, I had no experience in HR but I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. As luck would have it (or maybe my refusal to do anything else), my next position was an entry-level position in HR.

Over the years, I have been blessed to work in HR in multiple industries, in a variety of positions, including running my own consultancy. I think the things I love the best are employee relations, labor relations (yes, I do love working with unions), legal and human resource management. I also love helping people – any people, employees, supervisors, CEO’s, etc. – doesn’t matter who — personally or professionally. I know, full of cliché’s I am – but they are true.

Since joining XMI Growth, I have the opportunity to lead our awesome HR team to serve our Clients day-to-day HR needs. Our clients span a multitude of industries and we help them to resolve any HR situation that comes their way. Our support includes everything from basic policy questions, employee handbooks and employee relations to assisting with strategic planning initiatives and development of business strategies.

On the volunteer side of life, I have served in a variety of positions for MT SHRM over the years, everything from a committee member to Board positions. I’ve also volunteered for other HR groups when they around, and am still volunteering today – once a HR junkie, always a HR junkie. All of that volunteering did get me a cool plaque for the Tennessee SHRM Council’s Human Resource Management Excellence Award.

Me personally – Hmm, I love summer, anything and everything summer – running, gardening, swimming, cooking, sweating, you name it. From spring to fall, you will find me, my hubby and our furry babies hanging outside — all the time. When not enjoying the outdoors, we are most likely watching sports, catching a concert or at a football game and tailgating. Titan Up!

You can email Michelle at mthompson@xmigrowth.com.

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