Brenda Rowan

Brenda Rowan

Director of Operations & Payroll Services

I love what I do. Cheesy? Yes. But very true. I am a management professional with over 15 years of proven experience in Payroll, Operations and Human Resource Information Management Systems (HRIS). My background has afforded me the opportunity to work across multiple industries including manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare which makes for a perfect fit at XMI.

I work with my team of professionals to oversee the Payroll, Client Service and Tax Compliance function. I actively coordinates client load to ensure proper work flow for effective, productive operations that meet the needs of our clients. My extensive systems experience with various HRIS platforms allows me to guide our team in streamlining processes, maximizing efficiency and creating a proactive culture designed at eliminating issues before they occur.

I work closely with clients and the Payroll and Client Service team to aid in problem solving, while helping clients best manage their data and payroll processes to reduce and eliminate errors.

When I’m not working, you can probably find me participating in an Escape game that involves puzzle solving and working as a team! I love games – whether it is board games or game shows, I am addicted! I’ve raced down those aisles of the game show Supermarket Sweep and although I love watching Survivor, I don’t think I’ll be donning the Survivor buff anytime soon!

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