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What’s the difference between a PEO and human resources outsourcing?

At first glance, not much.

Both Human Resources Outsourcing and a Professional Employer Organization ease the administrative burdens of human resources activities like payroll, benefits, HR management and compliance to an outsourced partner.

But the real difference is in the details.

When you choose XMI as your PEO, we become your co-employer. Through this arrangement, we become the responsible party for the administration of anything related to human resources—payroll, benefits, workers’ comp, wage and hour, civil rights and others.

We put the human in Human Resources.

Learn the how and why of XMI.

Shared risk.

On a normal day, this might not mean much. But if any legal issues arise related to human resources, it matters. Because as your co-employer, we will shield you from some of that risk.


Group purchasing power.

A professional employer organization, which is a co-employer of thousands of employees, can often leverage these numbers to secure better coverage at a lower price on employment-related insurance products like workers’ comp and employment practice liability insurance.

Our PEO Services

From hiring to retiring, XMI’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO) has your company’s human resources needs covered.

Click on the PEO services below for a closer look at what XMI offers, or visit our PEO FAQ.

Payroll Administration

Reduce your time spent and mistakes made on processing payroll.

Human Resources Management

Let us equip your employees with the tools they need to get and stay motivated.

Risk & Compliance

Understanding the ins and outs of labor laws isn’t your job—it’s ours.


Innovative health, retirement, and other benefits that meet the needs of diverse workplaces.

HR Technology

Tap into the convenience, ease, and security of a robust, cloud-based HR platform.



We help your company rise to the top in today’s competitive jobs market and win the war for talent.

The XMI Advantage

Perfectly Positioned.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, XMI sits at the crossroads of established and expanding industries, incredible entrepreneurial growth and unparalleled creativity. But our business is more than local: We have clients and client work sites across the United States.

In addition to being a professional employer organization, XMI also provides outsourced accounting and finance services. Outsource both to a single provider for enhanced collaboration.

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As a professional employer organization, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, XMI offers customized plans based on the results of a complimentary, A-to-Z analysis that determines your company’s specific needs.

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