The concept of employee wellness is in desperate need of a rebrand. Not only is the first thing that pops into your mind probably antiquated (who remembers conference room weigh-ins to help determine health insurance rates—yuck!), but the needs of today’s workers also demand a better definition of employee wellness. Physical health is important, but true wellness is about so much more. Here at XMI, we believe the definition should include physical wellness, for sure, but also mental, financial and career health. 

In fact, physical, mental, financial and career health are the four pillars of the XMI Ideal Life employee wellness program. Every month since January, we’ve focused a variety of wellness programming around one of these four areas. We give employees the time and space during the workday to privately (or publicly, if they want) set and work toward a variety of wellness goals. Our goal is simple, and it has nothing to do with lower health insurance rates. We’re simply demonstrating our commitment to and support of their well-being and personal growth while acknowledging that having healthier, happier employees also happens to serve our business goals. 

In a recent article for the Nashville Business Journal, our XMI Ideal Life co-creators, CEO Chad Parodi and Director of Marketing Callie Pfeifer, shared more about this modern definition of employee wellness, why it matters, and the keys to setting up a successful employee wellness program in any company. 

At a time when employees are facing unprecedented challenges and myriad stressors, employee wellness becomes so much more than a perk; it’s a necessity. 

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