Dear XMI Clients,

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops, I want to communicate to you that we are ready.

Effective today, the balance of the XMI team is working remotely. Please be assured that we intend to continue to provide an unmatched level of care in the rapidly changing environment created by COVID-19.

Last year we enhanced our business continuity plan and completed an initiative to make our workforce fully remote ready. Here are some key details of XMI’s plan that I would like you to know.

Data Security

Our data is stored in offsite data centers with redundant servers and backup to secondary data centers in other geographic locations. The XMI team accesses all data via two factor authentication or Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Workforce Flexibility

We migrated our entire team to work off laptops with Remote Desktop. This transition improved cybersecurity and prepared our workforce to work from home or another offsite location.

We upgraded XMI’s phone system to enable routing of all calls to the personal phone of the appropriate individual.

We implemented collaboration tools to enhance our ability to communicate with our clients and our internal team. We have standing meetings scheduled for the start and close of business each day to confirm the well-being of all team members and identify any challenges our clients face, COVID-19 related or other.

We documented all processes in a standard format and cross-trained personnel to prevent a work slowdown due to illness or the need to care for a child or relative.

Hardware redundancy

We moved a second check printer to a secure location offsite where checks can be printed and mailed if our office building is shut down. As our building is still open at the date of this message, a designated person will be in the office at least twice/week to sort mail and manage check printing.

As a provider of HR services, we are uniquely positioned to help in these challenging times. Please reach out to with questions or concerns, and take a look at the attach templates provided for your use.

As COVID-19 legislation and guidance emerges that impacts our clients, we will provide follow-up communication.

Until then, stay well!

Chad Parodi, CEO

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