The XMI Guide to Outsourced Accounting

Answers to all your questions—from why you should consider outsourced accounting to how to pick a partner that’s right for you.

guide to outsourced accounting

The XMI Guide to Outsourced Accounting

Having a basic knowledge of finance may suffice in the early stages of business growth, but as your company grows, so does the complexity of your balance sheet. As your revenues increase, you need structured accounting processes to properly manage billing, cash flow, payroll and paperwork, analyze your financial performance and obtain insights to make sound business decisions for the future. Will you go it alone? Or, will you tap into the efficiencies that outsourced accounting can provide?

5 Questions This Guide Answers

Want to discover what outsourced accounting can do for your business? In this 10-page guide, we provide the answer.

guide to outsourced accounting

What business problems does outsourcing solve?

We explore seven of the most common accounting challenges that plague growing companies and how outsourcing can help solve them.
guide to outsourced accounting

When business booms, how do accounting needs evolve?

No matter what phase your business is in, there’s an accounting challenge to solve. In this guide, we look at accounting tasks specific to five distinct phases of business growth.

Are you following these accounting best practices?

Bring more order to your business accounting and chart a clearer financial path for your future with five best practices and our handy checklist.

What’s the outsourcing relationship like?

Don’t take our word for it. Read the Success Study of one tech firm that turned to XMI as its outsourced accounting partner in 2018—and hasn’t looked back.

How do I pick the right partner?

When vetting potential outsourced accounting partners, be on the lookout for these clues and red flags to ensure a good fit for your business.

Ready to make accounting easy?

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