The XMI Guide to Employee Wellness

The how and why of employee wellness. It’s so much more than physical health.

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Wellness is so much more than physical health

Employee wellness is about helping employees live better, richer, fuller lives — and not just during the 40 or so hours per week when they’re working. These days, work and life are entwined, so wellness must be holistic, too. In our Guide to Employee Wellness, we throw the traditional concept of employee wellness out the window and dive deep into insights about building a wellness program that helps create real change in your employees’ lives.

5 topics covered inside this guide

Whether you’re just getting started or looking for ways to better engage employees in your wellness program, our guide has a wealth of information just for you!

guide to outsourced accounting

7 key benefits of employee wellness programs

guide to outsourced accounting

The do's and don'ts of employee wellness programs

7 topics to consider before launching a wellness program

33 sample employee wellness activities

Key wellness program tips 'n' tools for success

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