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Employee or Independent Contractor

Employee or Independent Contractor Infographic

Use this infographic to help identify and categorize workers as independent contractors or employees.

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Guide to Co-Employment

From helping you understand why you should outsource HR to how the PEO relationship works, this guide contains need-to-know information in an easy-to-read format.
Employee Handbook Checklist

Essential Employee Handbook Checklist

Use this comprehensive checklist to ensure your employee handbook covers all the essential information about employment at your company.

guide to outsourced accounting

Guide to Outsourced Accounting

Having a basic knowledge of finance may suffice in the early stages of business growth, but as your company grows, so does the complexity of your balance sheet.
The Contingency Workforce

The Contingency Workforce Infographic

Not all contingent workers are the same. Use this infographic to help you choose the right worker for the right role.

Guide to Small Business Accounting Guide Mockup

Guide to Small Business Accounting

Gain financial clarity and confidence in your small business by following these accounting best practices and habits.

Most Common Employment Policies

21 Most Common Employment Policies

Here are some of the most common employment policies to consider for your business.

Guide to Employee Wellness guide mockup

Guide to Employee Wellness

Create real change in your employees’ lives in our step-by-step guide to building your own comprehensive wellness program.

Employee Personnel File Checklist

Employee Personnel File Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your employee personnel files document an employee’s entire employment history.

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