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Meghan Guffee

Director of Benefits

I love books and I crave new knowledge. The learning and the knowing about anything and everything is what drives me. After majoring in a variety of disciplines at Mississippi State and Middle Tennessee State – including anthropology, literature, early education, and engineering – I found myself drawn to business and language studies. I was once nearly fluent in Spanish; I’m working to retain that language and add at least one more to my repertoire.

I came to XMI in 2013, after spending nearly eight years learning about employee benefits and serving clients at a small insurance brokerage in my hometown of Franklin, TN. I was looking for something to challenge me; I wanted to learn more. I started at XMI as an Account Manager, mainly responsible for assisting clients through their increasingly perplexing benefits open enrollments. This was familiar territory, so the challenge became learning about a PEO business, a special holdings company, supporting entrepreneurs, and navigating the new regulations facing the benefits industry. As I grew from my experiences at XMI, I was soon ready to expand my knowledge further and take on more responsibility.

I am a licensed life and health producer in multiple states, which enables me to offer employee benefits solutions from a large market of insurance providers. This allows me to create customized plans that really fit the specific needs of each of the clients we serve. My new favorite part of my work as Director of Benefits at XMI is meeting with new prospects and clients, because I have the chance to learn more about their business, goals, and ideas. I’m endlessly amazed at the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that I encounter and I’m proud to be a means of support to those companies as they continue to develop.

I’m sure you can imagine that in my free-time I can be found reading, although free-time is a funny-sounding word now that I have a toddler. Where I really am able to relax completely is underwater, when my husband and I don our tanks and scuba dive on different reefs and wrecks. And, like any truly Southern lady, I enjoy watching football and I cheer the loudest for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.