Nashville-based XMI takes on business tasks so small business owners don’t have to

Posted on: 7/06/17

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Our excerpt from a recent news story on The Tennessean:

Jim Phillips, CEO of Nashville-based XMI has said,

When an entrepreneur launches a business, that individual typically wants to build a product, develop a service or solve a problem. Dealing with payroll and insurance is not where they want to focus their time, nor is it their expertise.

But those areas too often become a distraction for business owners. As a remedy, Nashville-based XMI has made administrative services a key part of its offerings to company founders so that they can focus on revenue growth, products and building a team.

Chief executives focused on those three things will be able to grow faster, Phillips said.

“These companies that we are helping achieve success, they are creating jobs,” Phillips said. “For us, it’s about a formula for creating economic development in the communities we serve.”

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