Posted on: 9/29/17

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XMI has a human resources team with varied and deep experience available to assist you. One area often called upon is to handle employee relations issues. These seem to occur with regularity for customers and generally fall into a few key areas.

  • Conflict Management: Conflict will occur in most any environment where employees are from various backgrounds and have different approaches to their jobs but are brought together for a shared business purpose. When conflict arises, if it is left unchecked it can impact company morale and/or create a negative company culture. A few steps to be taken include:
    • Make certain that policies and communication are clear and consistent, and make the rationale for decisions transparent.
    • Ensure all employees—not just managers— are accountable for resolving conflict.
    • Seek to understand the underlying emotions of the employees in conflict.
    • Keep in mind that approaches to resolving conflict may depend on the circumstances of the conflict.
  • Hour and Wage Issues: To avoid federal wage violations and to reduce the possibility that employees dispute their paychecks, consider self-service timekeeping software. This encourages employees to manage their own schedules and provides an efficient system to do so. It can also help with scheduling to minimize overtime and ensure employees are in the right pay grade for their designated job.
  • Workplace Safety: No company desires for an employee to have an injury or accident on the job so promoting safety is a top priority of all business owners. This can range from usage of heavy equipment in warehouses to moving storage boxes into an office. A good policy also ensures staff are not overly fatigued from excessive overtime.
  • Annual Leave Disputes: If employees are unclear on the company leave policy or if leadership is unclear on whether the policy is in compliance with federal and state laws, then a more in-depth review may be necessary. Also, most systems that track timekeeping can also be used to track leave requests, approvals and adjustments.